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Toymaker & Son is the epic account of the most powerful rebellion in history, the greatest love story in the universe, and the most daring rescue plan ever conceived.

The unique fusion of movement, drama and mime, combined with colorful costumes, and a dynamic original soundtrack by Vince Corozine, make this allegory an unforgettable experience.

The Story

Long ago in a distant galaxy, lived a toymaker and his son. Of all their special creations, one stood out above the rest. His startling appearance and amazing powers destined him for greatness. He became the toymaker’s apprentice. However, one day pride welled up within the apprentice. He rebelled and led a plot to replace the toymaker and his son.

Deeply saddened, the toymaker and his son had no option but to ban the rebels from the toyshop. As the apprentice brooded over his defeat and subsequent punishment, bitterness gave birth to a terrible thirst for revenge. Meanwhile, the toymaker and his son had decided to make a new kind of toy.

These toys would not be puppets or robots that had to be controlled. They would have the ability to move on their own and decide things for themselves.

But first, a home would have to be made for them. When “Toyland” was completed, the toymaker and his son excitedly began to construct these very special toys that they would grow to love so much.

The toymaker and his son showed the first of these toys all the things they had made for them to enjoy. The toymaker and his son loved these toys, and they had many happy times together. But, one day, the evil apprentice made a surprise visit to Toyland, with a plan to disrupt this special relationship.

It happened suddenly. Tricked by the lies of the apprentice, the toys now rebelled against the toymaker and his son. Instantly Toyland changed. There was a coldness in the air. The toys felt remote and lost. For the first time they were afraid.

A huge “barrier” now appeared that separated the toys from the toymaker and his son. Toyland had become “Sorrowland,” and the evil apprentice gloated.

In order to distract the toys from their real plight, the apprentice organized a wild party with special gifts for all. The party was turning into a fiasco when suddenly the “Teds” arrived from another part of Sorrowland. Violent and cruel, they forced their will on the other toys.

Life could not have been worse. The toys hated the cruel Teds who now ruled over them, and many longed for the Toymaker and his son to rescue them from the misery of Sorrowland, and bring back Toyland again.

The toymaker and his son were brokenhearted because they still loved the rebellious toys who were now held in the power of the evil apprentice. In their grief and sorrow they began to shape a daring rescue plan. The toymaker’s son would become a toy and go to live with the toys in Sorrowland. He would break the power of the evil apprentice and set the toys free. For the plan to succeed, the cost would be high. The toys would reject the toymaker’s son, bind his broken body to the barrier, and leave him there to experience a lonely and painful death.

When the toymaker’s son was born into Sorrowland, there were those who knew that something special had happened. But few realized that ‘Operation Toy Rescue’ was about to begin. The toymaker’s son told the toys that the toymaker still loved them, despite their rebellious ways. He demonstrated this great love for the toys when he fixed those that were broken. He was able to mend them, because he had made the toys himself.

The toymaker’s son told them that he was the doorway through the barrier that separated them from the toymaker. There were those among the toys who were angered and offended by this, so they plotted to get rid of him. He was brought to trial before “Big Ted,” and sentenced to death. His crushed and broken body became a part of the barrier, in order to make a way through it for the toys. Hope gave way to despair. Was the apprentice more powerful than the toymaker?

Would the cruel Teds be dictators forever? Would the Barrier ever be destroyed? Could Sorrowland become Toyland again?

Just when some of the toys were beginning to believe they would separated from the toymaker forever, a remarkable thing happened. The broken and lifeless body of the toymaker’s son came back to life.

Where he had been attached to the barrier, there was now a gaping hole. The toymaker’s son had made a way of escape. As he had told them, he was the doorway through the barrier. The toys could now be reunited with the toymaker again.

The rescue plan had succeeded. The evil apprentice was defeated. The toys continued to live in Sorrowland. However, many discovered the secret that Toyland was being restored again–as they walked and talked with the toymaker and his son.
Copyright 1978. Colin Harbinson. Not to be reproduced in any form without written permission.

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