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Colin Harbinson was the Dean of the Arts at Belhaven College from 2000-2007. Click here for more information on the college. Here he gives his thoughts concerning the college:

Belhaven's integration of art and faith begins with the biblical revelation that "In the beginning God created." He is the author of all creativity and has bestowed upon humankind a measure of that divine attribute. The ability to create and appreciate beauty is a significant part of what it means to be a human being. Involvement in the world of the arts can be a valid spiritual calling.

Situated in the middle of Jackson's historic district, Belhaven College also occupies a unique place in the academic world, offering majors in dance, theatre, music, and the visual arts with an emphasis on the development of Godly character and a biblical world view. The Belhaven experience proves that it is possible to be both clearly Christ centered and provide quality leadership in arts education.

During the past decade, Jackson has been increasingly recognized as a center for the arts. The upcoming biannual international art exhibit has once again captured the top spot on the list of premier cultural events in the nation. Jackson is the only North American city to host the International Ballet Competition and Belhaven College serves as the "Olympic Village" for the dancers and coaches from around the world. The Jackson Symphony and Opera companies, and the now famous Singing Christmas Tree, began on the campus of Belhaven College, as did Ballet Magnificat!, the largest Christian Ballet Company in the world.

Belhaven College is at the cutting edge of quality education in the arts. In fact, it is one of only 25 institutions of higher education in the United States that are nationally accredited in all four areas of the arts (dance, theatre, music and visual arts). The College also offers a BFA in creative writing. The College is also proud to offer stunning new arts facilities and a truly world class faculty.

At Belhaven College, students of the arts are prepared to serve in their calling, with a vision of a future in which the arts will once again glorify God, uplift the human spirit, and illuminate truth and beauty. A decision to study the arts at Belhaven College is a quality choice. We would be honored to have the opportunity to enable the stewardship and expression of your God-given creative gifts.

–Colin Harbinson, Former Dean of the Arts, Belhaven College


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