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Belhaven Art–Shaping a Vision.

The art department combines a long tradition of Christ-centered academic training with creative energy and openness to new ideas. Our graduates have entered the marketplace to build successful careers in advertising, photography, web design and the visual arts.

The B.A. in Art offers drawing, painting, graphic design, computer animation, photography, sculpture and art history as areas of emphasis.


What can the Belhaven art department offer you? You won’t get lost in the crowd. Art faculty and students build friendships and mentoring relationships that last a lifetime. We work, create, pray and celebrate together.


Belhaven is committed to building on our Christian cultural heritage, both intellectually and artistically. We combine a strong liberal arts foundation with intensive studio work. You will receive the experience you need to qualify for MFA work or related graduate study.


Master studies, art history and the discipline of traditional drawing and design provide a foundation for the critical evaluation and integration of innovative media.

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