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Belhaven Dance–Making a Difference.

We are currently the only evangelical four-year college offering bachelors and professional degrees in ballet and modern dance–worldwide. Our dance department prepares students for graduate school, ministry, professional careers in dance performance, dance education and allied fields in dance.

Programs offered include:

The Belhaven College Dance Department offers the following programs in Dance: the Bachelor of Arts in Dance, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, the Minor in Dance, the Certificate Program in ballet or dance and the Dance Apprentice Program for talented high school-age students.


What can the Belhaven dance department offer you? Our faculty of professional dancers, choreographers and instructors is committed to excellence. They are eager to share their extensive national and international experience and mentor you to succeed at the highest level possible.


Belhaven dance ensembles perform works that range from late Baroque to postmodern. Choreographic projects include collaborations with other departments as well as professional artists and composers.


We are a diverse but close-knit family that is zealous in the pursuit of God and His calling on our lives. Understanding dance from a biblical perspective, we facilitate the study of dance both as an art form and as an academic discipline.

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