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Belhaven Theatre–Forming Character.

Founded in the legacy of Christ-centered academic training, the theatre department provides individual, quality training in classical and contemporary theatre, designed to challenge students to succeed at the highest level.

The B.A. in Theatre offers an emphasis in performance, production and theatre ministry.


What can the Belhaven theatre department offer you? We have created a cooperative and mentoring environment that will nurture and develop your talent. The standard for performance majors is set to prepare our students to be leaders within the profession.


Production involves learning and doing. You will have the opportunity to function in roles usually reserved for graduate students in most programs and see learned skills come to fruition on the stage.


With a growing interest in the arts as part of the Christian experience, we offer an emphasis in theatre ministry with practical training and internship experience. The Joshua Squad involves students in missions– locally and internationally –through physical theatre.

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