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History of the Production

International Festival of the Arts responded to a request by Wycliffe Bible Translators to partner with them in challenging a new generation with the task of Bible translation. The 20/20 Vision campaign was formulated and twenty U.S. cities were paired with twenty Bible translation projects.

20/20. A perfect vision!
IFA’s two year partnership project with Wycliffe and Impact Productions centered on the stage production Dayuma. It drew over forty thousand people to performances on its national tour. Dayuma was written and produced by IFA founder and CEO, Colin Harbinson, who also created the internationally acclaimed production Toymaker & Son. Wycliffe enjoyed unprecedented response across the country as people committed to pray, give, and go, to complete translation projects affecting over five million people in thirteen countries.

Report from Wycliffe
It's not often that we have an opportunity to accomplish many of our goals in a single program and experience the exhilaration of God at work in ways we never expected. God has been in DAYUMA and the 20/20 Vision campaign. We've seen results that were anticipated, as well as some that weren't. Nearly every indication shows the campaign to be a success.

One of the great needs facing Wycliffe is that of motivating a new generation to complete the global work of Bible translation. We want and need people to pray for, and give to, the ongoing work. Presenting the well-known motivational story of DAYUMA in a fresh medium has helped us address these needs by inspiring our audiences to get involved. DAYUMA united older and younger generations behind a strong vision for involvement–serving, praying, and giving.

The DAYUMA tour generated unprecedented enthusiasm for Wycliffe across the country. Wycliffe Regional Offices realized a "gold mine" in church contacts, as a result of having a vital program to offer. In addition, contacts and stronger relationships have been developed with colleges and universities. By presenting DAYUMA we realized many of our own program goals, while at the same time offering a powerful tool to churches and college campuses for strengthening growth and commitment.

DAYUMA proved to be bigger than all of us. God is using it to achieve His purposes. Hearts are touched, lives are changed. People are responding by praying, giving, and indicating interest in serving. DAYUMA has been, and will continue to be, a vehicle in motion-drawing people into an incredible story, challenging them to self-examination, commitment, and action.

Wycliffe Campaign Statistics
On March 22, 1997, DAYUMA completed its final performance on a nationwide tour. Out of the 44 performances, Wycliffe realized:
Attendance 40,056
Recruit Interest 1,299
Prayer Partners 2,229
Financial Partners 2,213

In addition the challenge was brought to over 40,000 students in Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and Universities prior to Dayuma performances. Since the Dayuma tour, all translation projects have now been completed.

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