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Responses to the dramatic production "Dayuma":

"I was lost in the midst of the beauty of Dayuma, and came away convinced
more than ever that God makes no mistakes."
Marj Van Der Puy, widow of Nate Saint.

"Dayuma is an utterly gripping drama. Seldom has so much spiritual depth been
combined with high suspense in storytelling. This story will be a part of you
as long as you live."
Don Richardson, author of Peace Child.

"I know I need to go back quickly to Ecuador, to my people, and take God’s
carving to the down river tribes who still have not heard the message of
Dayuma, after seeing “Dayuma”

"May this inspiring drama be used of God to raise up a new generation
committed to the urgent task of bible translation."
Billy Graham

"The most riveting story I have ever seen...powerful in every respect."
Rick Wakeman, former member of YES!

"The issue is settled. We are returning to Papa New Guinea. Tonight we saw
afresh God’s eternal perspective."
Wycliffe translator who had been struggling with returning to the field
with his family because of two previous attempts on his life.

"We are going to have a plaque made to commemorate this special moment in our
son’s life."
Mother of 10 year old boy deeply moved by the Dayuma performance.

"Dayuma is one of the great events across North America, helping mobilize
multitudes of youth into the work of the Great Commission ... quality and
excellence that brings great glory to our Lord and great impact to the
Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM after attending the Premiere of Dayuma.

"Missions presentations have plodded along for a hundred years, stirring
little excitement or support. That has all changed with Dayuma, which so
completely captures the heart, mind and soul of the believer, that you must
respond to the call."
Landa Cope, Dean of Communications, University of the Nations.

"A powerful reminder of the importance of spending my time in pursuits of
eternal value."
Audience member

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