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Media Involvement in the Festival

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Media (television, print, and radio) coverage was extensive and involved promotion, coverage, and reviews of the events and performances. Seven different Chinese television stations covered the opening gala. Radio coverage preceded and continued throughout the festival with daily 'spots', interviews, and the broadcast of music by the international artists. Fifteen daily newspapers covered the events.
Yunnan Television (YNTV) put over one hundred of their producers, directors, and videographers on full time coverage of the festival. They produced programs for broadcast across the country and into over fifty other countries via satellite. This included:

  • A two hour prime time special recorded with live audience in the broadcast studio. This 'special' featured the international artists, alongside a number of Chinese minority nationality groups, and was attended by the Governor and other Provincial leaders. This program has been aired twice to our certain knowledge.

  • Coverage of all the major performance events open to the public in the theaters and concert halls. These performances, which include a full rendition of Handel's Messiah, are scheduled for national and international broadcast.

  • A documentary of the festival from arrival to departure, including interviews, responses, and a behind the scene look at the event.

Print media was also extensive. All local and provincial newspapers, as well as a number of out-of-province papers, covered the festival on a daily basis. Morning and evening papers, pasted on boards around the city, gave daily front page headline coverage on a continual basis, along with reports and reviews of the performances.
Print media reviews were compli-mentary and explicit as they critiqued the content of the various performances. For example, following the performance of Handel's ‘Messiah’, the Yunnan Daily reported on how much it touched people's hearts. It went on to elicit responses from those who attended and published them in a later edition of the paper.

IFA media team
The IFA media team included videographers, photographers, journalists, and desk top publishers. Team members were able to move around freely, cover the festival, get interviews and responses, and serve the participants with a daily in-house paper.
A 15 minute video, giving an overview of the festival, has been produced from over one hundred hours of footage taken by the IFA media team. Copies are available for $15 US each. Click here to learn more about the video.

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