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Experience the award-winning stage production, The Masterpiece... A Toymaker's Dream.  It is a moving allegory of a Toymaker and his Son and the love,  hope, and dreams they have for the beloved toys they have created. 

 The story comes to life as the Toymaker and his Son unveil the design for their grandest dream, a toy they call The Masterpiece.  Through disobedience a barrier is created that separates the Toymaker from his Masterpiece.  The only solution is for the Toymaker to become a toy himself and make a way through the barrier, back to the Toymaker.  

From the opening scene's fiery rebellion to the spectacular finale, this unforgettable production combines dance, theater, technical effects, and an original musical score to recount the epic tale of good, evil, and the fight for mankind.  Experience the drama. Experience the triumph. Experience the Masterpiece. 

You can order the video from Impact Productions. Once at the site, click on "market" and then on the cover of "The Masterpiece" video tape.

VHS, 73 minute episode
Closed Captioned, Hi-Fi Stereo

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