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Toymaker & Son is the epic account of the most powerful rebellion in history, the greatest love story in the universe, and the most daring rescue plan ever conceived.

The unique fusion of movement, drama and mime, combined with colorful costumes, and a dynamic original soundtrack by Vince Corozine, make this timeless allegory an unforgettable experience

Toymaker & Son - A Personal Reflection | Colin Harbinson

In that dreamy space between waking and rising, one morning over forty years ago, an idea was born that would ricochet around the world. It emerged as an image of a cobbled street in an ancient town, where an ornate sign swayed gently outside a toy shop. It simply read, Toymaker & Son. That was the spark which ignited the re-imagining of a story that has echoed down through the ages.

I wrote and choreographed Toymaker & Son—with its blend of drama, mime, music, and dance—for my students in an English Middle School. A few months later, the first public performance with an adult cast took place at the beautiful Piazza San Marco, in Venice, Italy.

Toymaker & Son would go on to be performed in over seventy countries; in prestigious theatres, village squares and on city streets. It became an official part of Olympic Games and World Cup Soccer events, and was honoured with a Royal Command Performance in New Zealand.

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