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Toymaker & Son Training & Licensing Info

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Colin Harbinson
263 Lighthouse Lane,
Brandon, MS 39047
fax. 601.829.2565

August 1, 2002

We want to thank you for your interest in Toymaker & Son. We have seen hundreds of troupes trained and sent out into over sixty nations. These troupes have performed live to millions of people. Toymaker & Son has also been shown on national television in many nations, including China. Toymaker & Son has also been an official part of the program at many international events including World Cup Soccer Games, Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and World Expositions.

The script of Toymaker & Son is not available to any group. Because of the high profile and choreographic nature of the production, and the need to maintain performance consistency and a standard of excellence, LAMP choreographers will train your troupe. There is no exception to this policy. To enable us to come to a mutual understanding regarding your interest in performing Toymaker & Son, here are a few things you need to know.

• A royalty of $750.00 U.S. will be charged for the performance use of Toymaker & Son. This includes the rental of one master performance tape.
• In addition, the performing organization is responsible for the traveling expenses (in advance) and a minimum honorarium of $120.00 U.S. per day for the teacher/choreographer (payable to him/her at the conclusion of the training).
• The performing organization is responsible for the transportation and housing of the teacher/choreographer for the duration of the training. A hotel is not a requirement, but accommodation should be suitable for preparation and rest.
• The cost and construction of costumes and props, together with make-up supplies are also the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Once the training period has been confirmed, you will receive guidelines for materials, costumes, props, and make-up charts for each character.

• One week of intense training (5 twelve-hour days) has proved to be sufficient for most casts. It is not possible to train a troupe if they are only available during the evenings. However, evenings in combination with weekends are a possible solution. Every person in the cast must be available for all rehearsals.
• The ideal number of cast members is 23, the minimum is 19. The ideal number of men is 7, with a minimum of 5.
• A minimum rehearsal space of 30’ x 30’ is required (without interruption) for the full duration of the training. In addition, it is helpful to have smaller onsite spaces available for individual and scene rehearsal.
• No audio, video, film, or television reproduction of Toymaker & Son is to be done without written permission from LAMP. Under no circumstances are any contracts to be signed.
• We will endeavor to schedule a training time-period that meets your needs. Give us your preference together with a few alternative dates.

• Once the cast has been trained, LAMP should be informed about:
(a) The duration of your Toymaker & Son tour/performances.
(b) The geographical area you will be covering.
(c) Your main emphasis (theaters, prisons, schools, street ... )
We request an itinerary (which we will post on our website), along with a report at the conclusion of the performance period. We would like to hear your stories!

The spiritual lives of the people in the cast are of the utmost importance. The strong response the presentation evokes, necessitates that performers be able to communicate on spiritual issues with members of the audience. A strong non-performing spiritual leader is a requirement. Our experience has shown that the best situation would be to have a married couple in leadership.

The agreement to perform Toymaker & Son is limited to a consecutive twelve-month period. This agreement cannot be transferred to another cast. Should a significant number of people leave the original cast and the sponsoring organization wishes to continue, a new cast must be retrained. Commitment of cast members should therefore be assured prior to training. In order to maintain the quality and integrity of this production, we ask that you follow our guidelines as they have grown out of much experience.

Thank you for your consideration of the Toymaker & Son production.


Maureen Harbinson
Toymaker & Son Coordinator
Lamp Arts & Media Productions, Inc.

“I hereby agree to, and will comply with, all of the above stipulations for a
cast of Toymaker & Son to be trained.”

Signature of Team Leader

Date (mo/da/year)

Please print out this agreement in full, sign, and send to LAMP.

Colin Harbinson
263 Lighthouse Lane,
Brandon, MS 39047
fax. 601.829.2565


The Toymaker & Son royalty payment includes one (1) master performance cassette tape or CD. We recommend that each troupe has two (2) master performance soundtracks (one as a back-up). The second one can be rented from LAMP at the price listed below.
Master performance cassette/CD (English) $40.00 U.S.
Master performance cassette/CD (Music only*) $40.00 U.S.

*Used for foreign language soundtracks. Complete music must be used.
Under no circumstances is any soundtrack to be edited, re-recorded, or copied. Upon completion, all soundtracks are to be returned to:

Colin Harbinson
263 Lighthouse Lane,
Brandon, MS 39047
fax. 601.829.2565


Toymaker & Son posters and handbills are available. They are in full color and have a designated place to print performance information. We request that these posters and handbills be used when public performances are advertised. Contact LAMP for current prices and volume discount.

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