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"Love Without Borders" Testimonials and Feedback:

"...This Festival broke through the silence of our country... You broke the
nutshell where people seek refuge from economic and cultural depression."
Emilia Grigorova, Bulgarian Festival Director

"...Ladies and gentlemen, welcome and applaud from your hearts, the first
serious intellectual and material help from the West; the outstretched arm of
people with large hearts..."
Dumas Newspaper

"...The International Festival of the Arts has been perfume to my country. It
was expensive, costly and it was poured out...a example of true
Christianity in action.
Georgian Banov, former Bulgarian rock star

"...Our ministry to orphan children [in Eastern Europe], is a direct result
of the Festival...After thirteen months of labor, we now see fruit. Without
your involvement, none of this could have happened. Thank you for your
Canadian Adoption Consultants International

"...Through your donation, three of the children we look after will be able
to continue their life. The children are unable to personally thank you, but
we hope in time they will learn of your gesture and will be most grateful to
you as long as they live."
Head Physician, Mother and Child Home, Sofia

"...The International Festival of the Arts is an Organization committed to
impacting lives in a strategic manner...A great channel for opening doors of
Children's Homes International

"Living proof that the arts are relevant and indeed essential to the 90's.
Ethnic, economic and political barriers melted away to be replaced by bonds
of friendship, compassion and understanding ... one of the most exciting and
satisfying experiences of my career."
Howard Dyck, Canadian Maestro/Broadcaster

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