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The Arts & Cultural Restoration Booklet

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The Arts & Cultural Restoration

One Asia Christian appealed for missionaries who would bring Christianity to his country as a 'seed,' not an already grown “potted plant.” He wanted to see the gospel take root within the unique cultural framework of his own people. Unfortunately, in many nations around the world today, Christianity could be described as being “culturally deformed.” It is to a large extent “foreign” in form and content.

'The Arts & Cultural Restoration' shapes a compelling vision of God's
intention for all people to worship Him within their own cultural framework. It exposes distorted thinking about culture and motivates Christians everywhere to discover the redemptive purposes of God for His world. In doing so, it draws attention to the significant role the arts must play in the ongoing task of cultural restoration.

For a teaching outline to use with the booklet and PowerPoint Presentation click here.


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