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Inviting Colin Harbinson to Speak

Colin Harbinson is a compelling teacher and storyteller who has spoken in over 40 countries. He is a sought after keynote seminar and conference speaker with a passion to see the transforming power of God expressed within each unique cultural framework. His teaching topics include:

•The Biblical basis for the Arts
•Spiritual Issues in the Life of the Artist
•The role of the Arts in Cultural Reformation
•God’s Original Intention for his Creation
•God’s Original Intention Distorted
•God’s Original Intention Restored
•The Power of Reconciliation
•The Kingdom of God
•Pride & Humility
•The Christian and Godly Character
•The Role of Story in Culture
•Story, Symbol, and Ritual
•The Gospel, Culture, and Contextualization
•The Great Commission and Cultural Exchange
•Dealing With Cultural Distortions

If you would like to invite Colin to speak at a seminar, conference, workshop or church service, please contact him directly at:

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