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Stone by Stone Training (on Video)

A Teaching Series on the Arts by StoneWorks International Director Colin Harbinson
(Will be released for online video) ß

The ancient Jews saw their beloved city of Jerusalem taken apart by the Babylonians “stone by stone.” They were led off to captivity in a foreign land. God used the prophet Isaiah to announce freedom to these captives—they would be allowed to return home—but first, the stones that were blocking their way had to be removed. When they did finally arrive back in Jerusalem, the task that faced them was the rebuilding and restoration of their broken homeland.

In a new nine-part video teaching series, “Stone by Stone,” Colin Harbinson explores some of the stones in the church and in the life of the artist that have prevented us from embracing God’s good gifts of imagination and creativity, and stones that have prevented us from bringing hope and restoration to the brokenness of our surrounding culture. He examines what it means to remove these stumbling blocks and to participate as artists in God’s restoration plan for his creation.

The “Stone by Stone” curriculum, a joint venture by StoneWorks and InterVarsity 2100 Productions, is designed for artists and emerging artists who want to discuss how to connect their creative gifts with God’s redemptive purposes. It is ideal for university arts students, a small group of artists within a church, and members of a music group, orchestra, or dance/theatre company who meet for worship and devotions. The accompanying Study Guide can be used for both personal reflection and small group discussion, and the DVD set includes bonus video material showing Christians engaged in the arts in different contexts.

A Leader’s Guide in downloadable PDF format is also available.


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