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StoneWorks is a global arts initiative for cultural reformation, and the recovery of the imagination in the life and mission of the Church.

An Overview

StoneWorks is not an organization. It is a catalyst to empower leaders, artists, and organizations to be a transformative voice in the church and the culture. We exist to articulate a global vision for Christians in the arts, to clarify the biblical and theological mandate for the arts, to draw attention to what God is doing through the arts around the world, and to call Christians to be a part of it.


1) Educate

Enabling Christians to understand the language of the arts

2) Disciple

Mentoring and spiritual formation of the artist within Christian community

3) Reform

Restoring the arts and reforming culture through the recovery of the imagination


1) Church

Educate the Church to embrace a biblically-based understanding and practice of the arts

2) Marketplace

Encourage the creation of art marked by aesthetic excellence, truth, and cultural relevance.

3) Academy

Establish transformational communities of arts students and arts faculty at colleges/universities.

4) Missions

Help mission organizations understand the role the arts can play in the Great Commission.


1) Summits

Gathering arts leaders to generate ideas for strategic initiatives

2) Training

    Christian discipleship and worldview mentoring for emerging artists

3) Initiatives

Implementing strategies through projects, events, and culture-making


forming artists to reform culture through…

1) Arts Education

To equip Christians to understand and embrace the language of the arts in the context of life and faith.

2) Spiritual Formation

To network and mentor the emerging generation of artists within authentic Christian community.

3. Cultural Renaissance

To restore the arts and renew culture through the recovery of the imagination.
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Vision & Mission

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